Butter in my Coffee

Every have one of those weeks where you feel like the only proper place for you is under the covers safe and sound in your bed?  I’ve had plenty of those… mostly in the winter when the dismal weather gets me down.

Last week had definite potential to be one of those weeks.  It started out totally on the wrong foot and it wasn’t until Thursday that things started looking better.  But for whatever reason, maybe it was my new haircut that is making me feel saucy, or my awesome workout I started the week with on Sunday, or coming off of a fun weekend with my Emily where we laughed and laughed and laughed like old times, I had a crazy-get-you-down-nothing-happens-right kind of weeks but still felt like I was flying pretty high.  Let’s look at the events…

– 6AM wake up call… already a reason to be a bad week.
– put butter in my coffee.  Coffee ruined and now I need to stop at Wawa for a proper cup.
– pack lunch for Luzerne to avoid last visit’s discovery that the only place available to eat lunch in this town is Burger King.
– halfway to Luzerne when something makes me think to look at the spring break schedule.  Pull over on side of road, fish out laptop and realize Luzerne is on spring break.  Turn around and head to Kutztown instead.
– finish at Kutztown and drive to hotel in Bloomsburg.  Check in, go up the elevator, walk all the way down to the last room at the end of the hall where I discover the door is propped open and the TV is on.  Peek in propped open door to see the arm of the person watching TV in the room I am supposed to be checked in to.  Lug luggage back down to the desk where the girl acts as if I make a habit of slugging luggage around hotels claiming there are men in my room.  Get new room where TV does not work.

– Wake up at 7:30AM.  Much better wake up time, but still difficult.  Shower, put make up on, blow dry hair.  Time to get dressed.
– Struggle to dress myself with my ever so sore muscles.  Fight my shirt to get it on without having to lift my arms too much.
– Time to put pants on.  Pull pants out of suitcase.  Put on.  What?  Shit.  Grabbed the wrong pants at 6AM and these ones do not fit.  Google closest shopping center… 40 minutes away.  Drive to Kohls and buy new pants.  Head to Bloomsburg.
– Get to campus.  Work hard till 12.  Time for lunch.  In Professor’s office when I realize I left my wallet in the hotel.  Seriously?  Professor walks me to cafeteria and tells the manager.  Manager gives me free lunch.  Embarrassed.
– My manager arrives at the hotel.  Asks how my day went.  Had to share my crazy pants story.  He laughed a little too hard.

– Day started normally.  Had breakfast with my manager in the hotel.  Returned to my room to pack.  Couldn’t find the pants that didn’t fit!
– Found the pants under the bed.  No clue how they got there.  Suspect maid thought they were ugly.
– Good day on campus with manager.  He worked me hard and demanded a lot.  Felt good about that.
– Drive home.  Went the wrong way on the highway.  Woops.
– Turned around and heading the right way.  Fortunately the weather is beautiful.
– Passed a really bad accident on the road.  Been seeing too many of them lately.  Guess hormones were a little wild because I started crying.  Had to pull over to wipe my eyes.
– Stopped at Wawa on way home for car fuel and body fuel.  Did not realize mascara was under my eyes from previous cry fest until I got back in the car.  Damn.
– Arrived home.  Light in the kitchen was not changed as promised.  Annoyed.

Reason enough to think the rest of the week was going to go horribly, yes?  I think if my mood had been poor or I had allowed everything to bother me rather than laughing at the ridiculous of it all that the remaining days would have been just as bizarre.  I’m going to thank my hair and say it was my new cut that kept my spirits going 😉

Have you ever had days that should have gotten you down but didn’t?  What do you do when your week seems too much to handle?

2 responses to “Butter in my Coffee

  1. Oh girl, I can relate…many a days/weeks have started like this (minus the pants sitch). Also, having to pull over after a cry from seeing an accident scene? Glad I’m not the only one who has had to do that.
    Often a long, deep breath helps me remove myself from my chaotic day…or screaming in the car in the parking lot. Either way.

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