I wish you all could have been a fly on the wall at On the Border last night during the craziest outburst I have ever experienced in my long 25 years on Mother Earth.  I also wish I had thought to taken pictures or video.  It all happened one crazy evening…

Last night I went for dinner and margaritas at On the Border with my cousin and the woman she (sometimes me) babysits for (I know, random, going out with the woman you babysit for but they grew really close and this woman is a hoot!).  We are all sitting there enjoying our respective mexican dishes and downing a few pitchers of margaritas when an outburst across the restaurant disrupts us.  A man stood up and started screaming at his girlfriend something about PINEAPPLES over and over again.  The entire restaurant just stopped and stared.  Emily kept saying “what if we are on that show ‘what would you do’?” and looking around for the cameras.  This man’s outburst went on for a good 5 minutes (or what seemed like 5 minutes).  Our waiter came over to gossip discuss the situation with us and then another random server slides into the booth with us to see what we know.  Meanwhile the crazy man has picked up his menu and is pointing at it, screaming, and holding it really close to his girlfriend’s face.  We all just stared.  Finally the manager came over and the crazy man started laughing and all was jovial.  My thinking was if he continued I wanted to go over and say something.  But he seemed really off kilter and I’m not exactly the buffest woman in the world.  We moved on and then I noticed that the crazy man was leaving the restaurant with an equally sketchy other man.  So we figured it was some sort of drug deal happening in the quiet suburbs of Pennsylvania.  I suggested covering the girlfriend up in my jacket and running her out to my car to get her away!  Random!

On another note, it is one of the best feelings in the world getting together with ladies you haven’t seen in a while and catching up.  We shared stories, laughs, and a cray-cray moment together.  I wish I had the waiter take a picture of us because we sure were lookin’ good.  😉

Have you ever experienced a crazy moment like that?  What would you do if you see someone acting like that?

Any recent girlfriend get togethers that have lifted your spirits? I’m looking forward to another one tonight!

P.S. When we left the restaurant, Emily and I saw that it was indeed something with drugs!  The guy was popping some pills and lighting something in the car next to us!!!  Ahhhhhh!

2 responses to “PINEAPPLES!

  1. Craziness!!! Kind of like when that dude choked when we were out to dinner that time! But definitely weirder

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