Marching Through March

Bonjour Mon Amies!

It’s time to announce the goals for March… well actually I’m more like a week late on this, but it’s all good!  Since March comes in like a lion I figured this is the month to really get to work!  I slacked a lot little on my running last month, so I really need to step up my game and work harder.  With that said…

1. MUST COMPLETE WEEKS 4 THROUGH 6.  I have weeks 4-8 left of the program and the 5k is in about 8 weeks.  I want to leave a week or two before the race to run the entire 5k and not still be training.

2. Start running hills.  The 5k I’m running isn’t completely flat so I need to start training on hills.  I live in a pretty darn hilly town so I don’t think it will be too hard to find hills to train on.  And when I’m running in the hotel gyms I’ll just increase the incline.

3. Incorporate weight training.  One of my main 2012 goals is to lose weight and I know the best way to do this is to weight train.  I think I will follow Jamie Eason’s LifeFit 12-week trainer.


I read about this on Janetha’s blog (if you haven’t started reading Meals & Moves you definitely need to).  Jamie’s program is a full program with diet and exercise programs but with my busy work travel schedule it is extremely difficult for me to stick to strict eating plans.  All I can do is make smarter, better decisions.  Enough on that… check out Jamie’s program… it’s free!!

4. See Hunger Games!  Goals 1, 2, and 3 are intense and not exactly “fun” so goal number 4 has to be fun and for me!  Hunger Games comes out soon and I am soooo excited!!!!

5. Write More.  This applies to the blog and to my personal stories.  I am always jotting down little quotes or thoughts potential characters might have and I really need to start earnestly writing.  I have always loved to write stories and it’s such a good creative outlet… since I can’t draw I have to rely on this!  I frequently post stories I’m working on to get feedback and ideas.  Check out Carrington Cole.

6. Embroider.  Another creative outlet of mine… this one is a little senior citizenish.  I have a coworker who is having a baby in the Spring so I’m thinking maybe a bib.


And I also want to create more pillows and I have a Milo inspired pillow from The Phantom Tollbooth in mind for my cousin’s son named after the main character.


What are your March goals?  When you don’t complete a previous month’s goals do you roll them over to the next month or start fresh?

To see the previous months…

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