February Wrap Up

Even though there was an extra day this year in February, the month still flllleeewwww by.  I turned around this morning and realized, it’s March!  Where did March come from???

When I realized it was March I also realized I hadn’t paid as much attention to my goals this month as I had in January.  So now it is time to face the truth and see how much I accomplished.  Ready?  (Cringing).

1. Complete weeks 3-5 of Couch to 5K.   Well, I did complete 3…

2. Make a new friend.  Totally did this!  I went back home for my cousin’s birthday party and there was a girl there who actually lives in Doodlehem.  How weird is that?

3. Reduce gluten.  I have done pretty good with this.  I’ll never have a completely gluten-free diet but I have significantly reduced my intake.  Unfortunately, the rash hasn’t gone away :-/

4. Find a way to make the Clean Program work for me.  Nope, didn’t do this.  I just told you February flew by, didn’t I?  I completely forgot about this one.

5. Learn more about gluten-free baking.  I made gluten free donuts!  Post to come soon on this!

So I am pretty disappointed that I performed so poorly on my goals this month.  I have no excuses.  Really.  Well, except for the Clean program one.  But I should have completed more of my running.  That just means it’s going to be even harder later.  Grrrr.

One of the reasons I like making and completing “to-do” lists is that satisfying “check!” moment.  You know what I’m talking about…

How did you do with your February goals?  What do you do when you realize you didn’t complete everything?

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