Better… Sporadic? Than Never

Hello my faithful readers.  Thanks for sticking by as my schedule gets crazier and my writing gets less.  It’s February… crazy!  Time to update my monthly goals!

How did I do this January?
I updated you mid-month on how I was doing with my goals.  By mid-month I had completed  two goals and halfway to another.  And how did I do the rest of this month?
1. Start and finish the Clean Program which was edited to start and finish the elimination diet.  This one didn’t work out so well, and that’s okay!  I didn’t give up on this, but I tried and found that it really doesn’t work with my current work schedule.  I have to find out the best way to incorporate this into my traveling and work schedule.  I might just have to adapt this program to what I know works for me and not be so strict.  More on that later…
2. Sign up for a 5K for April.  I completed that one by mid-January!  My cousins and I are signed up for Bridge Valley Trailblazer Race for Autism 5K.
3. Complete two weeks of the 8-week couch to 5K program.  Done!  I haven’t been so proud of myself in so long!!  It was tough and I had to force myself to do it every single time but I did it!  Now onto the next 6 weeks…
4. Have one healthy dinner party.  This one was completed by mid-January as well.  Made a vegan dinner for Megan!
5. Start my yoga practice again.  I half did this one.  I haven’t gone to any classes but I’ve been busting out the mat at home and getting in some good stretches.  I call this one complete!

How did you do on your January goals?  Up next… February.

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