Rock Bottom Love

Dear Readers,

On December 27 I published a difficult post.  Once I wrote it I felt better, like I knew I would, but hitting that publish button was one tough moment.  I thought about it for a while.  Distracted myself with a little Big Bang Theory and then decided that I have to share what I wrote.  Otherwise it would feel like I wrote that for nothing.

Blog writing is weird.  I never kept a diary as a kid.  I always wanted to because it seemed so romantic and that it would be so much fun to go back and read what I was doing with my life.  I’m so glad I didn’t.  Blogs can be a diary if that’s what the author wants, but that’s never what I wanted for this to become.  Each time I write a post I make sure it has a purpose.  Why am I writing this?  Who is my audience?  What is the end result I desire of this post?  It’s a lot like the writing I did as an English major.

So after I wrote Rock Bottom I sat back and wondered, what is the purpose of this post and what is my goal in writing it?  It seemed too diary-like to me and whiny.  I didn’t want that.  I worried that that was how it would come across.  Then I remembered that when I shared with Rachel what I was going through she told me she was sharing some of my feelings.  If Rachel was, surely the rest of you might be.  And I knew then that my purpose was to let everyone know that they’re not alone and to reassure myself that I’m not alone.  And my goal was to start a conversation and to support each other.  Sounds really hippy-dippy, but that’s what I am sometimes.

I can now say that I am so happy that I clicked publish.  Not five minutes after the post published I received a text, two Facebook comments, a blog comment, and a Facebook message all saying that they appreciate the post.  My appreciation for those comments knows no bounds.  I had tears in my eyes.  You confirmed that I made the right decision and let me know that my writing has a tiny little effect.  Since then I’ve received more messages, comments, and texts.

Keep them coming, lovies! Always feel free to talk to me about anything!  Remember that your comments aren’t just for me; other readers like to see them too!



2 responses to “Rock Bottom Love

  1. Lil Miss,
    I am always interested in what you have to say. You are an articulate, bright woman and I am proud to call you my niece. I enjoy reading your views and insights. I feel as though I am getting to know you even though I have “known” you since before you were born. I didn’t know you as well as I would have liked to when you were a child. I have always had an easier, more comfortable time with adults than with children even when I was a child. Keep writing, keep telling your readers what you think. You may change a life by doing so. XOXO

  2. Thanks, Aunt Nannette. 🙂

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