January Goals!

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a fabulous time welcoming in 2012!!

Okay, let’s start 2012 right!  Here are my January goals:

  1. Start and finish the Clean Program.  I found the book on my new Nook (a wonderful Christmas gift from the parents!) and decided it’s the plan for me.  One of my yearly goals is to eat clean and this is the perfect way to start.  What better way to make 2012 fresh and fabulous than to start with a cleanse.  Is anyone else doing something similar?  Okay, so I’m editing this before it even posted.  I didn’t want to completely change this goal to reflect my new goal because I wanted to share my progress in goal making.  I did originally intend to start and finish the program in January.  However, upon finishing the book I realized that January is not the best month for this.  I’ll be at a national sales meeting the second week and in NY for a few days the last week of January.  Because the clean program involves 2 liquid and 1 solid meals a day, a time period when you’re traveling isn’t ideal.  Instead, my new goal is to begin the elimination diet to prepare my body for the cleanse.  I’d like to start the cleanse when I return from NY.
  2. Sign up for a 5K for April.  I decided to do a 5K in April as a way to celebrate my 26th birthday.  I asked two of my cousins to join me, one who is on a healthy journey like me and one who is already a runner, and they both agreed!  Are you doing your first race this year?
  3. Complete two weeks of the 8-week couch to 5K program.  This is the program I am using to train for the 5K in April and I want to complete at least two weeks of the program in January.  January will be a rough month for me workout wise—I’ll be away for two non-consecutive weeks this month—and so I want to set a realistic goal.  I also know that some of the weeks have to be repeated before you’re ready to move on to the next.  Have you done this program?  What programs have you used to train?
  4. Have one healthy dinner party.  I want to host one healthy dinner party (I only need one other person to make it a party!) in my new apartment where we’ll cook and enjoy the meal together.  Do you like having dinner parties?
  5. Start my yoga practice again.  I let go of this and it’s something I need to always hold on to.  Yoga is one of the best relaxers of my life.  Is yoga relaxing for you?

What are your January 2012 goals?

2012 goals:

  1. Lose weight!  I will do this.  I will.  I will lose and keep off the weight.  Keep me accountable!
  2. Adopt a clean diet with more plants.
  3. Celebrate weight loss with a pair of boots that fit loosely.  I have a hard time with boots fighting my legs and this will be one hell of a triumph!
  4. Give more of myself.  Volunteer more often!
  5. Learn photography.  I love taking pictures and know nothing about photography!
  6. Do not buy any new clothes until I lose a significant amount of weight (I don’t want to specify a number since I’m not sure of my losing potential!).

What are your 2012 goals?

I look forward to posting my progress!!

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