Facebook: The Self-Confidence Killer

Facebook is a wonderful invention.  Thank you Mark Zuckerberg for allegedly stealing the idea from the Pistachio mascots.

It allows us to keep in touch with millions of people, most of which we really don’t want to keep in touch with, wouldn’t make an effort and would have already forgotten about if it weren’t for Facebook.  But Facebook, despite all its glory, is also one of the worst inventions of mankind.  In allowing us to be peeping-tom’s in eachother’s lives it shows us all of the things we haven’t done that everyone else has done.  How many people do you know that have gotten engaged this year?  Think about it—if it weren’t for Facebook would you have known and given any thought to those engagements?  Nope.  Facebook shows us everything we’re missing out.  It makes us feel bad about ourselves.  It points out all of our short comings.  Ever log onto Facebook and wonder how so many people have managed to graduate college, get married, purchase a home, and have a baby?  I wonder that every single time.  If Facebook didn’t exist, I wouldn’t be wondering that unless I ran into those five people that have managed to do all of those things at the grocery store or somewhere else commonplace.  And that’s the other thing.  It really is only five of our 300 “friends” that have done all of that.  But Facebook makes it seem like so many more.

And so I engage in this behavior that makes other people possibly jealous of my life.  Do I write a status update about the 10 pounds I gained or the 10 pounds I lost?  Did I write about how I was living yet another year with my parents or did I make a new album solely devoted to my new apartment?  It’s only natural to want to share the good rather than the bad and to brag about the wonderful things in our lives (in fact, I prefer the bragging to the complaining—I delete you whiners!).  But sometimes it is nice to be reminded that we’re not alone in feeling lost, alone, confused, unhappy, and poor.  And that is when it is most important to step away from our fake lives on Facebook and enter the real world again.

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