So Fresh and Fabulous

Four months into 2012 will mark my twenty-sixth year on Earth.  Wild.  Thinking about all I’ve accomplished is an amazing reality.  It’s also sobering.  Thinking about something also brings up the lack of that something.  In 26 years I have accomplished a lot, but there is also so much more yet to be done.  Growing up, I had the impression that having kids at a young age was normal, until I started to get older and realize that I was one of the only ones in my grade whose parents were as young as mine are.  But even knowing that never changed the idea in my mind that I should be married, have a baby, and another on the way by the time I’m 24 (I gave myself time to graduate college in that vision).  Now that I’m approaching 26, it is quite clear that that vision did not come to light.  And I’m damn glad about that.  I’ve been able to do things I wouldn’t have been able to had I done all those things so young.  It’s nice knowing that I live alone and that I’ve experienced living alone without the bitter memory of a breakup causing the living along.  I chose to live alone and it’s wonderful.  I’ve also realized that there is so much more I can experience and can accomplish by myself.  And so, as I said in my post on Tuesday, 2012 is the year of freshness.

At the beginning of each month I plan on posting my goals and at the end of each month I plan on discussing their progress.  It is up to you, my bloggy friends, to help me not lose track!  I welcome you to join me in my goals and to make your own goals and tell me about them.

Let’s make 2012 fabulous!

2 responses to “So Fresh and Fabulous

  1. Haha, I can totally relate to this. For some reason while growing up, I had the number 26 in my head. By that age, I was to be married and have my first kid. Totally missed the mark on that one! A part of me is happy that isn’t the case, as I would have missed out on some pretty awesome experiences in life. But now as I approach 27 and still very single, a part of me hopes that I have settled down by 30. Which as you know is one of my 30-before-30 “goals”…. You have the right attitude though, enjoy life and all it has offer. Everything will eventually fall into place when the time is right.

    • It sucks when you first realize life isn’t happening quite the way you planned, but it’s pretty great when you sit back and think, well that’s just okay because look at everything I’ve done. My parents never experienced living by themselves or living with each other without kids and sadly, even though their kids are 25 and 27, they still aren’t experiencing that! I can say that I have experienced living on my own and all that entails.
      I look forward to reading your 30 before 30 progress!

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