The Dreaded Allergies

Oh sweet Allergies, how I loathe thee.  You attack my sinuses and cause many a cough to sputter from my lungs.  You make my ears hurt, my eyes water, and my boogies to drip.  After spending time together since my birth I thought you might be ready to move on to better noses, but alas, you refuse to leave me.  Years of drugs and shots have not helped.  I thought fighting you last year at the chiropractor did the trick, but you can’t be fooled.  This time I’m trying essential oils and ridiculous amounts of sleep.  Hopefully you will leave me soon!

–          Lavender oil is a natural antihistamine.  Adding a few drops to your laundry on a regular basis is an excellent habit to start, whether or not you’re an allergy sufferer.

–          Eucalyptus and Peppermint oil help to open your breathways.  For some the smell of Eucalyptus is too strong (I love it) so feel free to try Rosemary.

–          Roman Chamomile and Lemon help to keep allergies at bay before they even happen!

To use your essential oils you can add a few drops to a lovely hot bath and soak.  Or soak a washcloth in cold water with a few drops of oil and rest over your eyes and nose.  Another option is to diffuse the oils.  You can mix a few drops with waters and spray or make your own home diffuser.  I use the Bath and Body Works Wallflowers for that.

To use the BB Wallflowers:

–          Empty and rinse it out with water

–          Add whatever combination of oils (I like peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus) to the wallflower so that it’s about 1/3 full

–          Add water the rest of the way (but don’t fill to the top or it will overflow)

–          Pop the top back on so that the wick is submerged

–          Plug back in to the wallflower and enjoy!!

Any natural solutions you have to fighting allergies?

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