I Spin Around Poles

I wish I could video-tape this class.  The teacher is awesomely ripped, buff, beautiful, flexible, talented, and crazy.  She just whips herself around the pole like it’s nothing.  Shimmies up that bad boy and then does some crazy flip on the way down.  And then she looks at all of us overweight slobs like, “go on, do it!”  And we all try and laugh and some of us (I say us, but I really mean them.  I just want to be included) even succeed.

My first time going to the class I had realistic expectations.  I had taken an informal class for a friend’s birthday party but was high on a lot of allergy drugs and couldn’t do much of the spinning because the room was already spinning.  But what I attempted to do didn’t go so well.  So going into my first Polefit class I wasn’t thinking I was going to magically display some hidden talent and find a new lucrative way to make some money.  I expected to fall, to get stuck, to not shimmy to the top.  And that’s exactly what happened.  I never made it around the pole.  There was no climbing (I never was much of a climber).  And I fell at least three times.

I wasn’t able to go back for two weeks because of work so last week was my second time.  I was hoping to at least get halfway around the pole and maybe climb an inch.  And guess what?  I did!  I actually made it all the way around the pole, but only in one position.  I can’t do the simple chair spin.  I think it requires a lot of ab muscles I just don’t have right now.

Chair Spin


But I was able to spin the fireman’s spin.



(Btw, obvi those girls are not me.)

And, because of my past-life as an acrobatic, I was able to do hand and head stands against the pole.

The morning after my first class I woke up and thought I had died.  Every single muscle in my body hurt so bad that I could barely move.  There were purple bruises on my inner thigh and I couldn’t lift my arms above my elbows.  It was glorious!  The second time I was still definitely sore but not as bad.  I could lift my arms to about my shoulders and the recovery time wasn’t as long.

Tonight was my third class and there is definite progress.  I can now almost lift my legs to my chest and I’m finding all my years of ballet and stretch class are coming in handy.

Can’t wait to find out what tomorrow feels like…

If spinning around poles and dying in pain is your thing, then you should totally find a pole dancing class.  In the Bethlehem area?  www.sweatlikeagirl.com

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