Please stop myself from arguing with myself

We all know the basics to losing weight: move more, and eat less (eat healthier).  It’s so simple yet why is it so difficult?  What is it that keeps us from doing one or the other or both?  The same equation applies to feeling better, happier, peppier, more energized.   Exercise and eat good-for-you foods.  The nutrients and natural uppers contained in most foods go a long way towards helping our mental state than does the pizza that satisfies for five minutes but makes us feel heavy and sluggish.  So why aren’t we all eating better and moving more?  (source)

This is a serious question for you all.  I have been trying to get healthy for years.  And every year was my year.  “I’m not going to buy these pants because I’m going to lose weight and I don’t want to waste the money.”  “This year’s Christmas photos won’t feature my upper arms.”  “I’ll start wearing this dress once I’m proud of my legs.”

I’m no dumb-dumb.  I know that sitting on my butt all day wishing and thinking about how I can lose weight won’t actually will the weight away.  So what stops me from getting up and moving?  Some of my current excuses are

–          Money.  I didn’t budget a gym membership into my current budget and want to wait until next month to freshen the pot.

–          Fatigue.  After a day of walking around campuses stalking professors and then coming home and working on office related items, I’ve ended up working about 12 hours.  After that’s all done I’m too tired to get up.

–          If I leave to go to the gym now I’ll be hungry about 10 minutes in which will lead to starving about 40 minutes in and will distract me.  But if I eat now I could run the risk of feeling funky at the gym.  And if I go now and eat later than I’m eating dinner really late and that isn’t good either is it?

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has played that song over and over again in my head.  But there are simple fixes, aren’t there?  Of course.  Like I said, I’m no dumb-dumb.

–          No money?  No problem.  Go outside and get your cardio in. It’s beautiful here in your new town.

–          Too tired?  Well choose something that appeals to your fatigue like yoga.  Or go to a pump up the jam class like the one you bought on Groupon… right gotta use that one up.

–          Ah the food issue.  No problemo!  Have a light protein packed snack now, like a smoothie or (if you like them, I loathe them) bananas.  Then when you get back you can have a small light salad that won’t make you feel bad in bed.  OR plan your day out better and schedule your meals around when you’ll be going to the gym.  Or just SUCK IT UP!

Oh, but come on now, I’m an expert at excuses.

–          By the time I get home and get things done it’s dark outside with this whole fall-forward thing we just experienced.  And I’m a young girl who shouldn’t be marching the mean streets of Doodlehem alone.  Admittedly most of the streets aren’t mean and when I do go out in the dark I stick to the well-lit ones.  But everything is so uneven I can’t get a good run for fear of my natural clumsiness taking over and face-planting into the road.

–          If I go to yoga I’ll just fall asleep.  And the fun class?  I’m too tired for that right now!

–          Okay, but I didn’t plan for this and you know I’m type-A and can’t just willy nilly change plans on myself.

My mind works so wonderfully.  It makes a problem, solves the problem, and then argues with the solution.  If I let it continue it would also argue with the argument until a few hours have passed by and now it is definetly too late to go out.  Oh, well.  There is always tomorrow I guess.

What do you do to get yourself out of the funk?  One solution is to find workout buddies but I barely have any buddies here let alone a workout buddy.  Besides, if my workout buddy flakes one day then I flake and isn’t it a bad idea to have someone contribute to your already flaky problem?

2 responses to “Please stop myself from arguing with myself

  1. we all have these self-loathing days when motivation is low and we slack off. try to envision how great you will feel afterwards — that usually gets me there. and if, after 15 min into cardio, i feel better — then i keep going. if i still feel tired and cranky after 15 min, i just stretch lift a few sets and call it a day (i try not to let this happen, i just keep powering through).

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