The Beauty Vegetable

Knowing that I was nervous about cooking with kale and always scrunched my nose up when my mom mentioned it I thought it was worth it to continue talking about kale.

(Please do remember that anything I write about these Goodies is the result of my research that wasn’t always the most extensive and was done to serve my needs, and no one else’s.  If I’m wrong about any of my findings, I welcome polite correction!)

I’ll begin with Martha’s tips on kale:


Oh, Martha, you’re so wise.  Click on the source link to see all of Martha’s recipes with kale.

Some fun-kale-facts

Admittedly these facts aren’t necessarily “fun” but they’re interesting and newsworthy when it comes to healthy eating with kale.

–          Kale can be cholesterol lowering when steamed.  (source)
The fiber in kale binds with bile acids which makes it easier to come on out the other end (yuck).

–          Kale has been linked to lowering the risk of five cancers: bladder, breast, colon, ovarian, and prostate cancer.  Stock up on some kale!

–          Kale has been identified as a comprehensive support for the bodies detoxifying system.  Hmm maybe a new kale and water diet?  (jk, don’t really try it)

–          Guess what!?  Kale has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components.  Green leafy vegetables are already known for their skin-saving abilities.  (source)
The antioxidant flavonoids in kale help clear the body of free radicals and the omega-3’s give kale its anti-inflammatory properties.  What does all that mean?  Because of kale’s natural detoxifying components and wealth of flavonoids and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps keep everything moving in your body including the harmful toxins that attach themselves to your organ.  And what is the biggest organ in our bodies?  The skin!  Kale is a beauty vegetable because of its ability to detoxify our bodies, keep our skin clear, and make us glow.  It is jam-packed with Vitamin A which attacks blemishes by reducing inflammation and strengthens our skins defenses.

Kale’s benefits aren’t a secret.  Gwyneth Paltrow makes a juice with kale to keep her glow.  (and this fact is from People so you know it’s true).

For a yummy, skin-clearing, cancer-fighting, glow-inducing, detoxifying recipes using kale try these!
–           Weekend Glow Salad

–          Quick-Pickled Kale Salad

–          Kale Chips

–       Sweet Potato, Black Bean, and Kale Pizza

–     10-Healthy Kale Recipes

Happy Kale-ing!


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