A Doodlehem Friend

One of the nice things about moving to a new town is meeting new people.  One of the worst things about moving to a new town is finding ways to meet new people.  I’m going to try my darndest not to talk about that this time since I’ve almost beaten that topic to death.  (Since it isn’t quite dead yet I do reserve the right to talk about it again at some point… possibly multiple times because the topic will get stronger if I give it time to heal.)  And after last night’s very angry, very sad post I thought I’d write a little happier one about how exciting it is when you realize a friend from home actually lives about twenty minutes away from you because you both magically moved to the same relative area.

Miss Lauren B is a friend of Emily’s.  We both happened to meet Lauren on separate occasions and, unbeknownst to us that we were talking about the same person, we both expressed an interest in wanting to be Lauren’s friend.  See, my cousin and I, as I’m sure most of you do but you just aren’t admitting it, have a creepy way of meeting people and then deciding that they would make just about the most awesome friend, and then pursuing that person like we would if we were trying to date them.  After talking about Lauren to each other and saying the same things about her we realized we were talking about the same person.  And we had a good, long, extremely long laugh about that.  Classic JEmily.

So after I moved up to Doodlehem and posted on Facebook that I was in Doodlehem, Lauren sent me a message that she lived close by and, joy of joys, did I want to get together?  Heck yes I did!  And so now I have a wonderful friend that was already my friend but is now a Doodlehem friend.  Friend friend friend friend friend.

Lauren and I at a magical dinner


One response to “A Doodlehem Friend

  1. i love how you and sara both call it doodlehem!!! reunion after my semester ends?

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