Part of my plan for meeting new people after moving is to join clubs and go to different groups.  So far I have done none of that.  This weekend I was perusing the groups I had joined and noticed that the book club was reading Emma Donoghue’s “Room.”  I knew the title sounded familiar and texted my beloved Emily to see if that was the book she kept telling me about, and it was.  So even though I was on a work trip in Hazleton, PA (the capital of fun, btw… sarcasm alert) I made a special trip to Barnes and Noble to pick up a copy.

That was yesterday at approximately 4:30pm.

I arrived back to my hotel around 6pm and began reading.

And read.
And read.
And read.

I had to force myself to put down the book to eat a late dinner (I actually read during dinner) and again to go to sleep.  Today I had to remove myself from the book even though my inner nerd wanted to carry it around with me.  I allowed myself to start reading again today at 4pm and I finished it by 5pm.

It was wonderful.  Scary.  Anxiety filled.  Sad.  Touching.  Thoughtful.  Unbearable.  Disgusting.  Loving.  Moving.  Memorable.

It was everything.

I have a hard time talking about any reads I really like because I am at a loss for words and I really just don’t want anyone to tell me I’m wrong. 😉

So I’ll leave it to you to read and tell me what you thought.  I have some parts that I really didn’t care for, parts that I thought were perfect, parts that gave me an anxiety attack, and parts that I wonder how I would have written it.  The book leaves you wondering what you would have done, how you would have raised Jack, and how you’d cope with the aftermath.  Let me know when you’re finished and we can chat.



P.S. If you visit the interactive and shockingly confronting site you’ll see a quote from the author of The Time Traveler’s Wife that I think perfectly sums it up.

P.P.S. Some other reads I would recommend that “remind” me in way or another of Room are…

the curious incident of the dog in the night-time


The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas



4 responses to “Room

  1. This sounds very interesting. I’ve read the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime before. Is it like it in that it is told by a child? I looked at the site, is the whole book a child describing their room?

    • The entire novel is told from the perspective of a five year old boy. However, in the Dog it is told from the perspective of an autistic boy. The narrator in Room isn’t autistic but his language and perception has been limited by the fact that his first five years were spent in a single room with his mother. Beyond that, I don’t want to say much more! Em also read it. If you have a Nook you might be able to borrow it from her.

  2. when you are done being a book nerd, you should come down here and hang. then we can go to literary events and meet other book nerds. 🙂 thanks for the recommendation! i’ll put it on my December reading pile!!!

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