Happy Halloween!!!

Some of the best costumes of my short life (not many, Halloween is not my favorite holiday)

*Please note that all of our costumes as children were hand made by my Mama.

My bro and I as Mickey and Minnie Mouse made by Mama

The black cat.. a staple. I rock the black cat.

Please notice the use of cowboy boots for the black cat costume.  I rocked this look.  I made black cowboy boots fashionable in the first grade.  This costume is a staple– we still have the pieces for this and I have worn them as an adult.

What girl wasn't a princess?

This family photo features Sean as the grim reaper?, cousin Eileen as a lion, cousin Carolyn as a bear, and cousin Kerri as an I don’t know what but all I remember is I was jealous and pissed that she got to have her stomach showing.  Her Mama forgot Halloweens in Pennsylvania are cold.

The Pilgrim and the M&M

Why wouldn’t a pilgrim an M&M hang out?  If I remember the story right, there was some fighting about being a pilgrim… can’t remember if I wanted to be it or not.  But this isn’t my best costume.  This is Sean’s best.  As usual, these numbers were made by Mama and I have to say she out did herself with this M&M costume.  It still hangs in a place of honor in our house.

Flo the Progressive Insurance Lady

Remember that cute little bear up above?  That’s her all grown up on the left as a crazy, dead, witch lady (we threw that one together at the last minute).  I am Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials.  This is one of my best adult costumes.  This little number cost me about $7 and took 10 minutes.


My costume from this year.  I went with the name pun.  This one cost me $0 and took me about 30 minutes (it took me a while to figure out how to best wear it).


Hope you enjoyed!  Have a safe and happy Halloween!!

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