At the end of the tunnel

My first two days on campus involved being encouraged to interrupt student-teacher meetings, disrupt lunches, and lurk outside a professor’s door until she is free.  I witnessed my manager practically chase a professor down and then listened to him tell me the strategy behind that.  And then I moved.  I packed up my life and entrusted it to some crack heads and moved to a new town.  After that stressful weekend I began my second week on campus and my first alone.

That week featured me coughing in a professor’s face (I did cover my mouth but the disgusted look on his face told otherwise), tripping up a set of stairs in front of undergraduates, and losing my voice in the middle of a meeting which then prompted the professor to tell me I should probably go home to bed.  I nodded appreciatively, drove home, called my manager and got the okay to crawl in bed.  I stayed there the next two days.  Needless to say, I was having my “what did I get myself into?” moment that the training director said we would all have.

My third week saw me driving up to New York for my first big-girl-business-trip where I experience all that the happening town of Binghamton has to offer (please do yourself a favor and remember that this writer is quite the sarcastic).  I learned that Binghamton is a sad little town full of angry people who beep at you for no reason (though I suspect my Massachusetts license plate might have something to do with that… must get PA plate).  Poor Binghamton.  My manager joined me for one of my four days there and saw he no longer has to encourage this pushy lady to bang on doors and interrupt meetings.  No sir, not me.  He complimented me on my new found skills.

Next up, East Stroudsburg with the Director of East College Sales where he too complimented my go-get-em attitude.  I just walk right up to professors and demand the 411!  Secretaries?  They can’t stop me!  I need the Spring 2012 schedule.  Get it to me, STAT!  On the double missy, put down that doughnut.  Okay, I’m not that pushy but I don’t waste time with asking about the ten pictures of ten different cats they have on their desks.  I know what I want and I know you know what I want so let’s just cut to the chase, shall we?  Maybe I should slow my roll and inquire about the little furball’s Christmas sweater.

Anyhoo, whatever I was doing seemed to impress Mister Director.  I not only was told so in person but also received a lovely email.  I think I’m starting to see what I got myself into and liking what’s at the end of the tunnel.

Questions about what I do and why I stalk?  Read this!

I feel this post needs more positivity so I thought I’d share the beautiful pictures from my drive and visit in Binghamton… the one good thing this town has going for it.

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