still a damn taco

Hello my friends!  It’s been a while.  Sorry to my faithful four readers, but it’s been a bumpy ride!!

As most of you know I was promoted at work, packed up my crap, and moved to Doodlehem all in 2 weeks time.  Except for college, I’m living away from home and by myself for the first time ever and it’s 90% awesome, 5% scary, 2.5% lonely, and 2.5% whatevs-man.  I finally get to set my own eating schedule, walk around naked, and clean up when I want to.  It is totally all it’s cracked up to be but sometimes it’d be nice to walk in the door and have someone respond when I say “honey, I’m home” or “where’s my dinner!”  But on the other hand, I don’t have to worry about when everyone else wants to eat or feel bad that I’m not going to be home for chow time.  I can cook what I want without anyone else’s taste preferences in mind, but I have to cook everything!  There is no plate waiting for me in the fridge anymore!  And so today’s topic stems from all of those food thoughts… cooking for one.

The day I moved in my Mom came with me and ran to get us some dindin while we waited for the crack-head movers to arrive.  Being the genius that she is, she also dashed into the grocery store and picked us up a few snacks.  Momsy returned to the apartment with one crappy pizza (will not return there for food), a bag of Tostitos, a jar of salsa, a bag of Mexican cheese, one bottle of Pepsi, a box of Bisquick (for the next morning’s breakfast… during said breakfast we realized she forgot to get syrup), eggs, butter, milk, coffee, and other random items I can no longer remember.  Needless to say, she was a little overwhelmed rushing around the grocery store and bought one item for one meal and one item for another meal.  The only complete meal she returned with was the nachos which we scarffed down at midnight that night.  We had a good laugh about that.

The next day we ran errands to get some more essential items and went to the grocery store.  I am working sooo hard on keep a strict grocery budget (more on that later) and had to keep in mind during that first trip that I was going to be travelling the next week.  That trip was a tiny little cart and I got mostly things that I could eat over and over that week and wouldn’t spoil while I was away.  I don’t really count that trip since I went in blindly, with no meal planning, no circular, and no coupons.  One of the things we did plan was that evening’s dinner: linguine alfredo (we prefer it to linguine), spinach and peas.  That meal lasted me the entire week.  No joke; I ate that bad boy every single day that week for dinner.

I realized that’s my reality.  Cooking a meal and having the pleasure of enjoying that meal all week long.  Currently in my fridge are three meals I’m rotating through and I’m getting sick of it.  One good meal in rotation are my taco leftovers that I have ate as a traditional taco, nachos, and (my new fave) taco salad.  But at the end of the day, it’s still a damn taco.

2 responses to “still a damn taco

  1. We try to get foods we can freeze and/or do different things with. For instance, I bought sausage and we’re doing sausage and peppers, sausage pasta of some sort, and grilled sausage. It helps break up the monotony.

  2. Totally! That’s my next step. The only issue is I have a strict budget and since right now I am in the kitchen building stage as well as survival stage, I haven’t had money for meat. It’s really strange. The only meat product I’ve had in my apartment so far is the ground beef for tacos. I want to get some chicken so I can have chicken and veggies, chicken alfredo, chicken sandwiches. But still, it’s just a damn chicken.

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