The Blonde and Brunette

You know those friends you meet that you know will be your friend forever?  The friend that you can pick right up where you left off six months ago?  The friend that you instantly clicked with when you first met them?  I’m lucky to have a few of those friends and make an effort to schedule a date with them once a month.  But if we don’t get around to it, that’s okay, because I know when we meet up again it’ll be as if we just saw each other yesterday.

A few weeks ago I met one of those friends to see her new apartment and get some happy hour drinks.  Quinn and I met at Penn State Berks and had a class together every semester we were there.  I allowed her to “study” from me in math.  She shared her soft pretzels with me.  And we both laughed as we tried to remember if our teacher was Tramble Turner or Turner Tramble.  We’ve bonded over crazy nights in Atlantic City, creepers in Philadelphia, and delicious dinners and even more delicious drinks.

Looking at us we look like complete opposites; she is tall, skinny, and blonde and I’m tall, curvy, and brunette.  She shows of her legs, I cover mine up.  Her low cut shirts make her look sophisticated, my low cut shirts make me look… I’ll leave that one blank.  She is flirty and touchy, I’m more reserved.  But we’re both loud, talkative, and love to laugh.  I guess supposed opposites do make the best of friends.

Me and Quinn at Serafina

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