Yummtastic Before Bed Snack

I tend to be the opposite of most people… I don’t like bananas or shrimp, I’m neither a morning nor a night person, and I think orange juice and oranges are some of the grossest creations ever. So it’s no surprise to me that while most people can’t fall asleep on a full stomach, I can’t fall asleep on an empty stomach. My already overly active mind makes it incredibly difficult to fall asleep. Add in an empty stomach and my mind has something to focus on that provides hours of thoughts. “Man this is uncomfortable… there it goes, growling again… some toast would be lovely right now… when I lay on my stomach I can actually feel how empty it is… growl, growl, growl…”

I know it goes against weight loss theory to eat before going to bed but I just can’t help it! You’re also supposed to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night to help with weight loss. Well how am I supposed to do that if my stomach is empty?

What I can control is what I eat before bed. Before I started paying attention to what I put in my mouth, a typical before bed snack was a bowl of cereal. Obviously that is not the best choice (but sometimes the yummiest!). Now I try to choose something healthier. A bowl of fruit, a piece (only one!) of whole wheat toast with peanut butter and honey, and splitting my dinner in two so that I eat the second half about two hours before I go to bed have all been helping. My latest idea is something I can’t believe I didn’t think of before… a smoothie! I drink a smoothie every day for breakfast.

My typical smoothie, you ask? Why I’d be happy to share! My breakfast smoothie normally consists of LOTS of frozen fruit, water (I put enough water in to match the line where the fruit stops), about two big spoonful’s of plain Greek yogurt, and protein powder. Sometimes if I’m feeling my greens are low I’ll add a tiny bit of a total greed powder.

I didn’t want my night time smoothie to be so jam packed with protein but I did want to get a sense of fullness after eating so I did even more fruit than I normally would, milk, and a little bit of water. Blend and enjoy! It was a yummtastic before bed snack, left me feeling satisfied, and made me feel good that I just had a giant serving of fruit!


For more smoothie ideas, visit SmoothieGirlEatsToo!

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  1. Hello, Great blog. This has realy healped

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