I’m a bit scatterbrained.  I have too many thoughts, too many ideas, and too many interests.

When I began writing this I had two goals in mind

1. Share what I’ve read and hear what other people have to say.  Grad school felt like one big book club to me and after I graduated I missed that.

2. Get back into the writing mode.  My brain was starting to feel sluggish and I couldn’t form sentences as quickly and intelligently when writing.  I wanted to use the blog as a space to get my flow going again.

However, after deciding to start a blog I got really into reading other people’s blogs.  And we all know what happens when you start reading one.  You read another.  Then another.  And another.  And pretty soon you’ve got 10+ blogs you check on a daily basis.  I started off reading book blogs but quickly realized the ones I follow most are healthy living blogs.  Being that I am on a constant journey to be healthy, these blogs became my favorite and most checked.  I found the blog that started it all for me through J’s Everyday Fashion.  J’s is a style blog that offers really great ideas on how to style your clothes and where to shop.  I found her by liking LOFT’s facebook page.  They were featuring bloggers that wear LOFT and J was featured one day.  I love LOFT so I naturally loved J.  She often mentions other bloggers and one day mentioned The Fitnessista so I clicked on over and discovered the blog that started it all.   The Fitnessista introduced me to so many other wonderful blogs that they’ve become an inspiration and motivation to do better.  I had a friend tell me the other day that she really enjoys my posts about what I cooked because she is experimenting with cooking.  So in that light I decided to post my favorite healthy living blogs.  This list isn’t complete because some of the blogs are bookmarked here on my home laptop and others are bookmarked on my computer at work (ssh, don’t tell the boss!).  So here goes, my incomplete list of my favorite healthy living blogs starting with the one that got the ball rolling

The Fitnessista— offers great workouts, eats, and funny stories about her life
Cara’s Cravings— awesome recipes.  current ones are veg but if you go back to the beginning you’ll find meat
Blogilates— has a youtube channel where she posts amazing workout videos including pilates and HIIT.  they can be done at home which is super convenient.
Carrots ‘N’ Cake— another wonderful recipe spot
Peas and Thank You— just published a book! yummy eats and hilarious family stories.
Eating Bird Food— just discovered her today and I’m already a huge fan.

I’ll complete the list when I get back to work and can look through the ones I’ve bookmarked there.

So now I have a third goal to add to the list

3. Share my healthy living journey.

6 responses to “Scatterbrained

  1. Lovely blog post and thanks for the links! Always good to find new names ❤

  2. do you use Google Reader to organize your blog subscriptions? it’s a great tool for keeping up with multiple blogs at once — i have about 30 in my Reader and it alerts you when there is a new post… check it out!

  3. These are great! And I’m also now using Google Reader for my blog addictions : )

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