Mourning the Loss

My tastes are definitely changing. I’d say it’s a good thing, but I’m having a hard time letting go.

About a year or so ago I started to get sick of the taste of meat. “Getting sick” of a taste is not new for me. I’ve been saying that for forever. For example, I like seafood but only to a point and then I get sick of the taste and don’t want it anymore. So I never order seafood at a restaurant because I know I’ll only eat a little bit and seafood is one of the only foods I won’t eat as a leftover. But getting sick of meat is a new thing. I’m a gal that will order steak at restaurant. When I was in Italy I actually got physically sick from all the beef I was eating. So I’ve started incorporating meatless meals into my weeks and I found that it forces me to eat healthier since I don’t want every meatless meal to be a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Some new finds from this?

  • – Red pepper, green olives, and hummus on a whole wheat pita
  • – Salads with quinoa
  • – Veggie Burgers
  • – Sweet Potatoes
  • – Avocadoes on EVERYTHING

Another favorite I’ve recently started not caring for as much is pizza. Crazy! Being from the Philadelphia area, pizza is a very hard food to avoid. Don’t know what to make for dinner? Order pizza. Having a party? Order pizza. Office lunch? Order a pizza. And I’m not digging the taste as much anymore! Obviously on the health scale this is a plus. But pizza is just so easy and I remember it being so delicious. Fortunately my dad enjoys making pizza at home and has perfected his chicken, broccoli, and tomato pizza which I don’t think I will ever dislike.

Now for the zinger. I love to bake. And I love brownies. They’re quick, easy, always a crowd pleaser, and, most importantly, chocolate. Chocolate goodness. I’m not a chocolate candy bar fan but any baked chocolate good I devour. I haven’t baked brownies in so long when I was once baking them on a regular basis. It’s all a part of my attempt to be healthy that I’ve cut down on my baking.

But last night I was jonesing for some brownies and decided, why not? Fatness is why not.

So to solve that I decided I would bake brownies, cut four for the rest of my work-week’s lunches, and offer the rest to my Mom’s picnic today. Obviously when they were done I had to taste one to make sure I wasn’t poisoning anyone. And to my surprise… they didn’t taste the same! They weren’t the yummy comforting food I remember them to be. Have my tastes become more refined that brownies no longer satisfy my chocolate tooth? Or did I mess up the recipe? Maybe that box was just too old? No, I think my tastes have changed.

Sweet jebus I no longer like brownies as much as I used to!

If you know me you’ll know this is the ultimate taste change for me. What am I to do? Clearly this is change is a plus to my health but I am mourning this loss hard.

One response to “Mourning the Loss

  1. It is so true that our tastes change as we age. I am quite interested (and happy) to hear about the meat change — not so much the brownies. 🙂

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