Spuds, FraPROccino, and Salads

This weekend was one of those weekends that I know can’t be topped and needs to be done more often.  I experimented with my salads by putting leftover quinoa in my green salad and LOVED IT.  I was inspired by The Fitnessista who is always putting quinoa in her salads.  I always thought she was nuts but now I completely get it.

I started on Thursday by taking one of my best friends to Parx to try salsa dancing.  Jeannine loooves to dance but has never tried salsa.  She fell in love with salsa and is determined to learn it so she can be a pro on the dance floor.  My cousin Emily and my Mom went too and we just had a nice girl’s night out.

On Friday I went out with Emily and her friend Corrine to get some Mexican food.  Although the two of them are crazy about the restaurant we went to I was not.  But it was great to see the two of them enjoy the food so much.  After the restaurant we went to see Corrine’s new house and it was so nice to see how much she has accomplished.
Saturday I went to Rachel’s for a ganza and had a blast.  I made a no-bake totally not healthy but sooo delicious cheesecake (there is fruit on it and on the crust so I do consider it to be somewhat healthy)
This girl here NEVER drinks but I might have had a one or two or five glasses of wine.  I lost count after a bit.  Although the bed I slept in wouldn’t stop spinning that night it was all worth it.  I met new friends and saw one I haven’t seen since I graduated grad school last summer.  This morning we went to the diner to get some greasy food and it was a perfect ending to a wonderful night.

On the downside… I hit a pole on my way home from Rachel’s 😦  The road was slick after nearly 24 hours of raining and the car in front of my stopped suddenly.  I swerved to avoid hitting the car and instead hit the pole.  The damage doesn’t look too major.  Interestingly the guy in front of me drove off in his merry way and didn’t stop to see if I was okay but the guy behind me pulled over and got out to look at my car with me.  Stupid sudden stopper.

To make sure this week goes as smoothingly as the last I did my calming preparations.  What are my calming preparations you ask?  I prepare all my breakfasts and lunches and I pick out all my outfits for the week.  On the menu this week:


–          Mediterranean Egg Wrap
o   Scrambled eggs, sliced black olives, chopped tomatoes, and feta cheese wrapped in a corn tortilla
–          Mocha Coconut FraPROccino from Cara’s Cravings


–          Spinach-Avocado Caesar Salad from the Flat Belly Diet Cookbook
–          Fun-Filled Fitnessista Spud from The Fitnessista
o   I made three and ate one tonight for dinner so I’ll only have this for two days

The other three lunches I’ll wing and hope for yummy leftovers that I can take.  If not, I can always take peanut butter on gluten-free bread.

Each of those meals has been prepared and put in containers for the week.  All the shakes are in individual magic-bullet cups so that all I have to do in the morning is add some ice and blend it with the magic-bullet.

It might be a little neurotic and it doesn’t always last week to week but when I do take a few hours on Sunday to prepare my weeks are less stressful and healthier.  If I didn’t take the time to do this I would eat like crap every day.

Anything you do to help your weeks?

6 responses to “Spuds, FraPROccino, and Salads

  1. I accept that on Sunday nights I will always get a horrible night sleep, especially if my weekend was action packed. Accepting it rather than fighting it actually makes the little Sunday night sleep that I get a lot more restful!

  2. Thanks for the link love, hope you like the shake! So sorry about your accident, glad you are ok though.

  3. Jacq – I used to do the same exact thing when I was teaching high school — meals and clothes all on sunday — that way I could just run on autopilot in the morning! It’s a bit nutty and OCD, but I definitely understand the need for it! Oh, and I notice there isn’t any meat on your menu — going veg? 😉

    • Haha… there isn’t is there? Not necessarily veg but I have been trying (for about a year now) to limit my meat (and wheat) intake. About a year ago I stopped liking the taste of meat as much and started limiting because of that. Now I limit because I find if I make a conscious effort I actually eat healthier. Pass along any yummy veg recipes you have!

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