Simmer Down

My thoughts for the week… in no particular order.

–          People, including myself, need to simmer down.  Life is too short to sweat the small things, or the big things!  As a stresser of the little, this is advice I need to heed.  As someone at work said this week, “stop caring about everything.”

–          Smile more.  I’ve had three conversations this week all about how people from my area don’t smile enough and look at you like you have an octopus coming out of your ear when you smile at them.  My brother said when he went to college in North Carolina that he had to adopt a fake smile to smack on his face all day because everyone smiled at you there.  No one does that here.  I read an article on accessorizing today and LOFT’s senior stylist, Lisa Bradkin said

Turn that frown upside-down
Cliché, I know. But it’s true; a smile is the best, most visible, most important accessory. No animal necklace, friendship bracelet or hand-knit scarf conjures the beauty and connection that a smile does. If you leave the house in an outfit that’s chic, interesting and accessorized, people will look at you. When they do, smile at them! It thrills the friendly and disarms the smug. If they’re already admiring what you’re wearing and then you look like a nice person on top of it, they may even muster the nerve to compliment you—and that makes everyone feel good.”
How simple.

–          I need to clean my room more often.  Everything is better when it’s clean and I think it’s because my day starts off right when I don’t wake up to clutter.
–          Organization is my friend.  Going off of the room thing… my week is so stress free when I plan my outfits, make my lunches and breakfasts, and have daily plans all set on Sunday.
–          I forget my goals too easily.  I need to stop that.
–          People surprise you every day.  Someone I couldn’t stand a few months ago is now someone I would consider a friend.
–          Go back and look through old photos and you’ll realize how great life is.

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