To Nook or not to Nook

I don’t have an ereader and up until recently I never wanted an ereader.  I’m a books girl.  I like to hold the book.  Feel the book.  Smell the book.  I want to dog ear the pages and use a book mark.  I want to carry my book, flip through the pages, and begin where I left off.  I don’t want to stare at another electronic device while I’m trying to relax.  I sit at a computer all day long for work, I use my iPhone when I’m bored, and I watch TV at home… I do not need another screen in my life.  Or do I?

A few of my family members have Nooks and I always looked at them (the Nooks, not the family) with scorn.  Stupid device with a fancy name.  But my bestest cousin and friend, Emily, has a nook and loves it.  She showed me all the fancy features that the commercials don’t tell you (I don’t understand why since they seem like the number 1 selling points to me!)

–          You can borrow books from other Nook users.  That’s right.  If one of your Nook “friends” sets one of the books as borrowable then you can borrow that book for a limited time.  The book disappears on the owner’s bookshelf for the time being.

–          You can get free books when you’re at Barnes and Noble.  I don’t know how it works but I’m guessing it’s something like the free songs on iTunes—when they are available as free, you download them.  The only kicker is you can only do it when you’re at B&N.

–          You can borrow books from the library (I discovered this one on my own).  I’m a huge library girl so this one really appeals to me.  Emily discovered that as soon as the book is due, it just disappears.  No more late fees!  I have been a serious supporter of the free libraries over the years with all my late fees.

–          There are fun covers!  Oh the joy of buying yet another useless accessory.  This is my favorite one

I don’t know how I feel about these new-fangled color ones.  Emily tells me that the original Nook screens are made to be like a page in a book in that they don’t hurt your eyes.  This appeals to me more because it solves my yet-another-screen problem and they are cheaper than the new colored ones.

I’m thinking a Nook might have to be on my Christmas list this year…

2 responses to “To Nook or not to Nook

  1. That’s my nook cover!!! You’re stealing it. But, seriously, it’s great. I have many many books on the nook you can “borrow” from me. They’re cheaper too

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