From Within? I Just Don’t Understand

Motivation.  Where does it come from and how do I get some?  I think there should be a motivation store.  A place you go to purchase your stock of motivation.

“Why hello good sir I’d like to purchase some motivation.  You see, I’m running a little low lately and need to replenish my stock.  How much storage space do I have?  Well I have devoted a whole cabinet in my kitchen to motivation.  What?  That will only last me a week?  But it used to last me a month!  What do you mean motivation is running thin these days?  I can’t afford this!  I need my motivation now.  I need it to last.  How many cabinets will I need?  5!!  This just won’t do.  Is there anywhere else I can get motivation?  From within?  I just don’t understand.  Good day to you sir.”


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