Stuck on You

Ahh Club of 2.  We are stuck.  Advice to all book clubbers/ avid readers—never choose Vic Lit (Victorian Literature) in the summer.  Bad, bad idea (Jess!).

My Club of 2 partner and I have been reading Vanity Fair for, I don’t know, a month of two now?  It’s getting ridiculous.  Yesterday we settled on a date to be finished by—September 1.  First of all, we should not have that much time to read a book.  We’re better than that.  Second, we’re scared we won’t finish!  So what do we do?

As a new book club, and a very relaxed book club, we don’t have rules or guidelines.  One of us picks a book, we read, and when we’re both done we meet.  We’ve never set a date for ourselves except a goal of one month.  But in the back of our minds we knew that date was flexible.  And maybe that’s part of our problem.  Jess and I both lead very busy lives and often don’t find time to meet.  We still haven’t discussed our last two books and never finished a discussion on another.  At this point I’m not even sure I could discuss them.

So to try and solve this meeting problem, and to entice others to join, we decided to make an online book club, justread bookclub.  Neither one of us knows how to do this but I have taken on the role of leader for this (mostly because I was the one that set up the new blog… I don’t think Jess minds giving me the baton).  But now that we are hoping others will join do we need stricter rules?

Other book clubs have rules about everything.  And while I think rules are great in some instances, I prefer to be more of a free spirit in my reading.  I haven’t talked to Jess about this (yoohoo partner!) yet but I think we need some sort of stricter guidelines with the understanding that we are flexible, but not as much.  So here are my thoughts (and I’ve already broken rule 1)

  1. All reads must be available at a library and/or in paperback and/or an ereader (for Jess).
  2. No Vic Lit in the summer!
  3. Agree upon a finish date and stick to it as best we can
  4. Picker comes prepared with #-to-be-determined discussion points/ questions
  5. Be honest and have fun!

I think I can live with those.  Any suggestions on how to keep us more disciplined?

One response to “Stuck on You

  1. As the other half of this club for two I have some comments. One, it was an awful pick. In my defense, I try and read a classic and something I never normally read during the summer (last summer was War and Peace).

    You are correct. This book is toughie. As for talking points, I agree. I actually have 17 articles on Vanity Fair (I’m not joking) I would like to glance at. I find I do well with due dates. It gives me a parameter to fit myself into. Last night I read some knowing about our date.

    I hate to say it, especially with my schedule, but I think we should pick a date every month (second tuesday, third thursday after the first Monday) and stick with that as a meeting date (or at least as close as we can). I think we need strict rules.

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