My New Love

Going off of yesterday’s milk post I am going to share with you a new love of mine.

First, let’s get one thing straight.  I.  Love.  Milk.  Love it.  When I’m thirsty I’ll reach for a glass of milk, not water.  When I’m out to dinner I resist the urge to order a glass of milk like the 5 year old next to me.  And yes, I’d like my milk in a sippy cup too.  I understand how Kel felt about his orange soda.

My mom, who does not share my love of milk, is so grossed out about how much milk I drink that she started buy $7 gallons of raw milk.  What’s raw milk you ask?  Allow me to quote from the website where we purchase said milk, Your Family Cow:

“…raw milk is not processed in any way. It’s beyond simply organic…it is truly whole food, alive with natural enzymes, immunity building probiotic bacteria and practically bursting with full bodied flavor…. milk that still contains the natural enzyme lactase which is necessary for the digestion of lactose. Since enzymes are destroyed during pasteurization, some people have difficulty digesting pasteurized milk. Many who call themselves lactose intolerant are actually pasteurized milk intolerant. If this seems surprising, remember, mother’s milk is raw milk.”  If you live in Pennsylvania and are interested in their products, please check their website out.  Their products are amazing, service is fantastic, and prices are to be expected.

Anyway, enough of my shameless plug.  Raw milk is delicious.  It’s creamy, yummy, healthy, and fattening… no skim here.  So in an effort to have healthier options, and something to bring to work so I don’t have to drink the inorganic (but free) milk options here, but still get my milk fix I began expanding outside the cow family.  Enter Rice Milk and Soy Milk.  Soy milk I am familiar with from my days as a barista.  I prefer soy milk in my fancy coffee beverages because for some reason heated regular milk gives me a tummy ache.  But I was never a fan of straight soy milk.  So I bought Organic EdenSoy Extra Vanilla Soymilk (fortified with Vitamins & Calcium… good for my aging bones!).    I like it but it’s not what I’m looking for.  I’m not a big fan of sweet things and it wasn’t quite the thirst quenching drink I was looking for.  Next product, Rice Dream Rice Drink (not milk).  Bingo!  Allow me to list it’s wonderful qualities;

–          It’s so yummy.

–          Not creamy, but that’s what my Raw Milk is for.

–          It’s thirst quenching

–          No strong flavors, delicious, and healthy. 

–          It compliments my new favorite cereal, Glutino Honey Nut Rings, quite nicely.
(Don’t they look yummy!)

–          And it comes in convenient drink boxes that I can bring to work and not take up precious fridge space that is a constant thorn in everyone’s heal here (cute to boot too!).

I think this might be my new best friend.

Here I am enjoying my new favorite drink!

5 responses to “My New Love

  1. how about almond milk? have you tried that? that’s what i drink. 🙂

  2. Ohh, cinnamon soy milk!!!! LOVES it. My real need to comment on this though has more to do with the fact that I love the Keenan & Kel reference

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