Club of 2 and a Challenge

Having spent over 6 years in school studying, reading, and writing I find myself missing the community of my fellow dorks.  I started off at Penn State thinking math or public relations was my calling.  My Freshman English professor questioned me almost every day why I wasn’t an English major.  She could see the passion I recognized but didn’t think could be turned into anything.  Maybe I should have stuck with Math.

After graduating from Penn State I entered the scary world of jobless-2008.  I applied to every job I could find; from secretary to editor.  What did I end up with?  Teaching preschool.  While I love children and take delight in their funny way of talking, I quickly realized that teaching preschool was not my true calling.  Fortunately, I have two parents who allow me to mooch off them and I was able to get my Masters degree.  What did I choose?  English.  I decided that teaching 3 year olds was not my thing, but teaching college students totally was.  So now, I have two useless degrees that have allowed me to get an entry level grunt job at a major Publishing company.  While the contacts, opportunities, and foot in the door are great, the pay and duties are lacking.  I love my job and coworkers but I still felt like I was missing something.  That’s when I realized I missed my dorks.  I missed reading and sharing together.  Grad school was like one big book club.  No one was there because they were forced to be there.  We all had a common interest: reading.  We soaked up the literature and regurgitated our thoughts, feelings, and research.  We worked hard to impress each other and took pleasure in outsmarting one another.  I was luck and ended up meeting a great group of girls around my age (I just got back from having dinner with one!).  In fact, I work with two of them.  But getting together for the random dinner and saying hi at work wasn’t enough.  Enter the book club.

A coworker and former fellow dork-student and I decided to form a book club.  Currently, we are a club of 2.  But that’s enough for us.  We take turns picking the book, meet when we can (we’re very relaxed), and discuss.  My partner picked the first book.  She loved it, I didn’t.  The second book was my pick.  I loved it, she didn’t.  But that’s the beauty of our book club.  I’m reading things I wouldn’t have ever picked up and so is she.  It’s great to get together and just talk about books.  Talk about the thing we’re most passionate about.  So with that in mind, I have come up with my first challenge.  The Recommendation Challenge.  Sign up, join in, and review.  Please make sure to link to my Recommendation Challenge when writing a review!

4 responses to “Club of 2 and a Challenge

  1. I’m your first bloopie (a blog groupie). Loves it. I definitely feel you on the advanced degrees and working an entry level position. I’m gonna read our book club book this weekend. I loe your blog!

  2. Love it! Do you like my nod to my very special friend? I was thinking I might post about our book club picks and meetings.

  3. I’m on a challenge ban right now! Otherwise I’d totally join as I think the challenge is an incredibly awesome idea!! may do it unofficially anyway 😉 Love the blog by the way! i’m a follower 😉 Dorks unite!

    • Thanks! Maybe once your challenges begin to be completed you can unofficially join. I am doing 2 challenges and already feel like, woops… maybe not.

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